Live Video Coaching

Coaching Clients understand that achieving their goals will require real work and need an unmovable sounding board and ideator to provide dedicated unfiltered insight.


Step 1 - Schedule an Introductory Call

Step 2 - Follow Up Session & Decision Meeting

Once the Coaching Discovery Call is complete you'll receive "Action Items" and you'll be prompted to schedule a follow up meeting to discuss those action items, provide additional insight and feedback, and come to a decision on if we're a fit for coaching.  If we agree then we'll move to Step 3...

Step 3 - Select a Coaching Option

2-Way EmailĀ Coaching/Training

We utilize rich messaging (ie. Loom) for clients to submit questions and receive a detailed response. No Contract, Month-to-Month with a 20 Inquiry Max and a 48-Hour response time.

$450.00 per Month

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Grow your Business or Brand and gain influence as a Thought Leader, Coach, or Consultant using Live Video in a community where other creators are pursuing similar goals and receive advice from Kirk.

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