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Need help with a Specific Tech/Media Project?  Want Training to figure out a platform (Ecamm, Streamyard, Etc)? Or need a Sounding Board for an Idea? Schedule a Consult Session through our Membership Page.

Coaching Clients understand that achieving their goals will require real work and need an unmovable sounding board and ideator to provide dedicated unfiltered insight.  If that's you then you might be ready for one-on-one Coaching but there’s a process to go through to be approved.  Here are the steps:

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the Geek Speaker Preacher...

While his topics are media/tech focused he delivers the content with the flair of a Pastor and the energy of a Life Coach.  Engaging content for your next event that will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience for your attendees. Click the image on the right to Download his Speaker Sheet.

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Speaker Audio Highlights


“ I always enjoy hearing Kirk speak, great man who knows how to present!”

- Charles Mendoza, Sr. Cyber Security Analyst

" Great talk today. It brought back memories of dealing with the different cultures in Sub Saharan Africa. Great example of gaining stakeholder buy in.".

Rob Hawkins, Project Manager

" Kirk Nugent inspired the Ideas to Life Podcast community when he shared from his experience and his mindset. Kirk has a way of looking at situations differently. Where some see obstacles or see nothing at all, he sees opportunities. That came through during our interview and looking at his life. The lessons I learned in our conversation have enriched my outlook on life."

Kymone Hinds, Host of the Ideas to Life Podcast

“ Kirk's love for God, and his love for people shine brightly through every word he speaks. His contagious passion for success in business, relationships, and life in general fuels the passion inside those with whom he speaks. To sum it up in two words: Kirk inspires!”

Denise and Oliver Marcelle, Hosts of Trade Secrets Podcast

" Your presentation was thoughtful, well prepared, and exactly what I was hoping it would be. It was both immensely spiritual, and immediately relevant to what we are doing. Thank you!"

Richard Stepheson, Adventist North American Division IT Director

" Thanks for presenting at the Conference! It was a Fantastically engaging session…"

Grace Ding, Laserfiche Software Marketing Specialist