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Kirk Nugent | Live Video Strategist / Coach

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Let’s Build your Brand with Live Video

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Are you tired of being the best kept secret?


Live Video is the missing piece that will help you Grow and Engage an Audience, Funnel Clients to your Business, and establish you as a Thought Leader.

Here you’ll find a growing catalog of resources for Businesses, Thought Leaders, and Ministries to Grow their Influence and Reach using Livestreaming.  Click the Link below to get a Free copy of our Studio Recommendations.

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HIAW Graphics Packages

Level up your Livestream with a How it all Werks Graphics Package. Choose from 5 packages Designed for StreamYard, Restream Live Studio, or Ecamm Live.


$29.99 Each

2021 MasterClass Series for StreamYard, Ecamm, and Remote Production

Take 2-Hours and Level up your Live Show with Tips, Tricks and Best Practices from a Seasoned Broadcast Engineer.

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E-BOOK: 31 Livestreaming Tips

This book is the result of learning on the job with many mistakes. Consider it a Cheat Code to skip the blunders and get right into building an Audience around your message.

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I empower Businesses and Leaders to gain Visibility and Authority through Live Video Marketing. 


The Geek Speaker Preacher and Host of the Show How it all Werks. Remote Producer | Live Video Coach | Content Creation Facilitator | Online Church Consultant | Tech/Media Speaker

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Every Week I publish a new how-to video packed with valuable Live-Video tips, tricks, and best practices.

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